Yoga Burn Review


Yoga Burn is an innovative 12-week program designed for women who want to reshape their body, boost their metabolism and get that classic yoga booty. But does it really get results? And is it worth the cash? Let’s find out…

Unlike gimmicky fitness videos, this yoga program is designed to be progressive. Instead of repeating the same half-hour routine every day, you get 12 weeks of yoga workouts that gradually become more difficult. Every routine builds on the last, so you’re continuously improving while burning more calories*.

Another important difference is that the Yoga Burn phases start at your current level. Each phase builds on the last, so you can dramatically increase flexibility and ​start seeing real changes to your body as the months go on.

Designed by Zoe Bray-Cotton, a certified yoga instructor and female body transformation personal trainer expert.


Unlike most programs, Yoga Burn is described as a “strategic, progressive approach…that’s proven to deliver results”

BE AWARE of the time commitment. The 12-week yoga program consists of 3 phases and you’ll be asked to spend exactly four weeks to complete each phase, before progressing to the next phase. The videos provided for each phase come with an introduction video that describes every aspect of the training along with 3 workout videos for every phase

Facts About Yoga Burn

Nowadays yoga sessions are priced much higher and with Yoga Burn you get to train for around 12 weeks for an unbelievably low price. Considering the price that you would be paying for almost 3 months for classes in a yoga center, yoga burn is a fantastic value.

Has A Lot to Offer

Yoga Burn actually has a lot Yoga Programs to offer, including Booty Challenge, Total Body Challenge, Inner Circle and many more. In addition to the Fitness Program, Yoga Burn also has Dietary Supplement Products called Renew and Amino H20 as well as Fitness Accessories such as Foundation Mats, Tank Tops and Sculpting Bands.

Choose The Program

Make sure you choose the program you need. Because many buyers didn’t fully read everything when buying the programs. Prices are typically $37 per program plus shipping and handling. Options for continuous renewable subscriptions ($14 per month) and 6-month programs are available.

Become A Member

Before purchasing a product, customers can take a quick, 7-minute quiz to receive a recommendation for which program to purchase.

Tips For Getting The Best Results

Hot room: If you can, try and turn up the heating in the room that you’re doing your yoga in as it makes the session more intense and you’ll sweat more.

It’s no biggie if you can’t.

Morning sessions: If possible, try to do you Yoga Burn sessions in the morning on an empty stomach. You’ll have less energy so your body will have to dig deep for fuel and will start burning more fat.

Fat burner: I recommend trying a fat burner supplement as it will help boost your energy, burn fat faster and suppress your appetite.

Don’t worry so much! If you’re finding that your yoga sessions are sloppy and you’re struggling then try not to worry about it. Just do your best and forget the rest!

Keep at it and you’ll get better.

Yoga Burn is great, but like all exercise it needs discipline. You need to actually stick to it and really do those exercises regularly to see and maintain results. This is just how it is!

Important: When you start this program, you are going to lose some weight (fat) but also gain some weight (muscles) at the same time! Since muscles are denser than fat, you can get heavier at first before you start getting lighter. So don’t be discouraged! Building up musculature is good and we don’t mind the weight it adds to our bodies. It is the fat we are trying to get rid of!

My Personal Advice: Don’t take Yoga Burn as a miracle. You can’t even cook a great dish unless you put your heart into it, and that’s what you will have to do while doing the Yoga Burn challenge. This is not an exercise. It is a lifestyle that requires you to change the way you eat, think and interact with people. Once you have made up your mind to participate in this challenge, be sure to put your heart, mind and soul in it.

Yoga Burn Booty Challenge Review – Is it Really RIGHT For You?

Yoga Burn Booty Challenge Review – Is it Really RIGHT For You?

To lose weight, you must burn more calories than you consume. You will burn calories in yoga class, but there are other physical activities that will burn more calories in the same time period.

That said, yoga may be able to help you lose weight and keep it off with mindfulness and better sleep.


Don’t stay stuck in your fitness rut: while forming habits for a better, healthier you is never easy, programs like Yoga Burn are a great way to get you on the right track.

With just 45-minutes, three times weekly, you can meet your exercise goals, develop a fitness regimen to suit your lifestyle, and – most importantly – stay positive!

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