What Is The Smoothie Diet—And Can It Really Help You Lose Weight?

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Here is my in-depth The Smoothie Diet review. I hope most of the people reading this can relate themselves along with me! From my childhood itself, I was a bit chubby, but that I found cute and never cared off. After that, I joined my college and my lifestyle changed drastically. Staying awake late nights, eating unhealthy junk foods.

Late-night study during the examinations, all these habits led me to put on weights. More weight. But I hardly cared. After my graduation, like most people, I too have desk work. After our office, we hardly get any time or energy left with going to any fitness regime.

The Smoothie Diet Review: 21-Day Smoothie Diet Plan For Weight Loss!

Munching on fast foods as they are easily available and cheaper. People never realize things until they experience things. Once I went for a regular checkup, and I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and other severe chronic diseases. Now my life was at stake. And that’s when I realized I need to gear up and went through various articles and found The Smoothie Diet review.

Most of the diets followed starving, which I knew would lead me to eat more foods on the very next meal. But somehow while going through the internet I found this weird diet, which provided you with the daily vitamins and minerals you require, without involving cooking or other stuff- yes! The smoothie diet pdf. It may sound weird, but yes it really works.! Let us discuss more in The Smoothie Diet review.

Program The Smoothie Diet
Language English
Author Drew Sgoutas
Category Weight Loss, Fitness Program
Specification The ebook contains 36 smoothie recipes.
Duration 21-Day Plan
Price $37
Official Website Click here

About The Smoothie Diet Program

This is a type of food habit which really works for people who want to start their weight loss journey in a healthy manner. It works mainly for the people who are occupied in a busy schedule and face problems in preparing everyday meals. In The Smoothie Diet diet plan, you replace two of your main meals, preferably the breakfast and lunch with smoothies.

The third meal you can have solid food, but keep in mind to have a lower calorie food. Scouts also allow a “cheat meal” every week, but only a few recommended ones, mentioned in The Smoothie Diet e-book. The Smoothie Diet is a 21-day cycle, power-packed with nutrition and vitamins and you can follow anytime you want to shed some pounds.

The ingredients of the smoothies may vary, mainly depending on fruits, vegetables, protein, and few healthy fats. Follow the recipes in the e-book to prepare your solid meal food. The meal should not be high in calories or else it not come up with the desired results. The Smoothie Diet guide also helps you with some high-fiber snacks and low sugar options.

The Smoothie Diet review contains two plans. The first one – “The Detox plan”, where you replace all your three main meals with healthy smoothies which keep you feel fullness all day long.

Another plan includes the 21-day plan where you replace two meals with a smoothie and have one solid food with a few snacking.

You can also modify sometimes, following a “flex day”- where you have a smoothie followed by two meals. But The Smoothie Diet pdf is not recommended for people having food allergies. So consult a doctor or get a regular checkup before starting Smoothie diet for weight loss.

The Smoothie Diet Manufacturer

The Smoothie Diet Pdf was created by Drew Sgoutas, a certified Nutrition Expert and Health Coach. He believes in home cooking with all the real ingredients. He is the one who throws his heart and soul into success. And that what led this revolutionary diet The Smoothie Diet program.

Pros and Cons of The Smoothie Diet Ebook


The Smoothie Diet involves having smoothies, which are mainly from fruits and veggies. They are usually low in calories and provide you with the daily phytonutrients, being a part of your healthy diet.

  • Less counting on calories

    As per The Smoothie Diet review, Most of the famous diets and weight loss programs count on calories. But as we are aware that fruits and veggies are lower in calories, you don’t need to get involved in counting the calories all day long. The recipes provided in the Smoothie Diet for weight loss program don’t involve much decision-making process which is an added advantage for all working people.

  • Go easy with the shopping

    This three-week diet plan covers the shopping list every week at the starting itself. The diet plan contains a broken down shopping list helping you in your shopping. This makes your grocery store visit much easier during this 21-day smoothie diet plan. Apart from the above-mentioned pros, there are various studies showing the effectiveness and sustainability of the diet plan.


  • Maintaining the micro-nutrients

    Most of the smoothies have their calories from the carbohydrates, and very less protein and fats. It is recommended to have a protein intake of at least 50 grams daily to maintain a healthy lifestyle. So the Smoothie Diet recommends getting the daily need from the snacks. Go through The Smoothie Diet review thoroughly before following the plan, or you may fall out. If you are replacing your meals with these smoothies make sure to get your fats and proteins. Try to add some chia seeds and flax seeds. They help to thicken up your smoothies as well as provide you with essential micronutrients. Get a good source of lean protein, those help you to build muscle, helping you to maintain a higher metabolism. Having various nuts and seeds in the snack may do the trick.

  • High Sugar Content

    This 21-day Smoothie diet contains a lot of fruits. Fruits are known to the natural source of sugars. There are many smoothies that call for the addition of honey and another sugar substitute, which only adds calories to them. So all these are not recommended to the people having medical problems. A peanut butter smoothie is a healthy option as its protein-rich with no added sugars. Some of the smoothies are too thick to drink, so most people add juices to thin them done. But avoid doing so, rather add water to make it dilute or ice can be an alternative to thicken them up. Get the right amount of thickness without adding more calories by switching to alternatives.

  • Time- taking

    If you are staying at home, then making two smoothies can be a bit less pain in the ass, still cleaning up the bender each time you have one. And as a working professional. Having a smoothie in your breakfast is pretty easy, but what about lunch? You cannot have all the necessary ingredients when you are away from home. Right?

  • Fails in the long run

    When you start the Smoothie Diet, your body goes through a drastic change in cutting down the calories. As vegetables and fruits are lower in calories and also devoid of the essential proteins and healthy fats. Replacing solid meals with liquids may help you at the beginning and you may see noticeable results, but when you start getting into your previous daily diets, you tend to get weight again. So The Smoothie Diet e-book and The Smoothie Diet review suggest following the diet frequently, which is not always a healthy option.

Why The Smoothie Diet book is Useful, Is it a Scam?

Not only for weight loss. Your body sometimes requires detoxification. This 21-day smoothie diet plan will help you to follow a detox plan, removing all the impurities from your body. You feel light and energetic restoring all the lost minerals and vitamins.

It does no harm to your body. They are lesser in calories. Ramp them up with protein and healthy fats making them tasty as well as to get the added benefits from it.

The Smoothie Diet User reviews 2021

While surfing the internet, you will get a number of The Smoothie Diet customer reviews who received benefits following the diet. Not this, The Smoothie Diet ebook provides you with various case studies of the people following the diet plan and getting unexpected results.

The Smoothie Diet Reviews – Final Verdict

The Smoothie Diet ebook provides you with numerous recipes, but to see results you need to maintain the proportions. Make your habit to have a healthy smoothie once a day in the long run. Try to tally the calorie count and know how much you need to consume in every meal, The Smoothie Diet will save you from all the common weight loss mistakes.

Use strawberries, blueberries, and apples in your smoothies. They are rich in antioxidants. Try to have smoothies as well, including spinach and kale. They are rich in minerals, vitamins, and potassium as well. To make your smoothie thick try using ice. If you are a peanut butter lover, go for the powdered one, avoid the creamy spread. And for natural sweeteners add mangoes or bananas, The Smoothie Diet will keep you away from the extra fats and artificial sugar.

Last not, whether you want to lose weight, or just want to follow a healthy lifestyle. Download now, The Smoothie Diet pdf and ebook, and head toward the kitchen. The Smoothie Diet is not a scam, try it today and share your The Smoothie Diet review along with us! Happy dieting!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is The Smoothie Diet?

It was a 21-day smoothie diet is an e-book prepared by Drew Sgoutas which contains a schedule and recipes for three weeks instructing what smoothies to be taken for each day.

Does The Smoothie Diet program good for weight loss?

This diet will help you shed approximately 2 or 3 pounds per week. You should expect to get rid of up to 50-70 pounds if you repeat this diet plan several times.

Are there any side effects by using The Smoothie Diet program?

No need to worry about any kind of side effects from the smoothie diet. Because there are no recorded side effects of the 21-day smoothie diet as it is prepared at home and is completely natural.

Why The Smoothie Diet is useful?

This program is not only for weight loss, but it will also help you to follow a detox plan, removing all the impurities from your body. You feel light and energetic restoring all the lost minerals and vitamins.

Who was the creator of The Smoothie Diet program?

The smoothie diet was created by Drew Sgoutas, a certified Nutrition Expert and Health Coach.

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